Caribbeancom 102120-001 Office Lovers Punish And Treat By Female Boss And Male Boss

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Title: Caribbeancom 102120-001 Office Lovers Punish And Treat By Female Boss And Male Boss
Year: 2020
Duration: 00:49:49
Studio: Caribbeancom
Label: original,nicetitties,creampie,rankou,gal,paipan,vibrator,slender,bikyaku,bishiri,kireina_onesan,3p,documents,appropriate,short skirt,while preaching,frontier little,new frontier,director,director seems,tolerate
Actors: Runa,Nanako,Asahina,
Categories: Uncensored,Creampie,Blowjob,Beautiful Girl,Office Lady,Uniform,Orgy,Handjob,Shaved Pussy,Doggystyle,Deep Throating,Finger Fuck
Description: Nanako Asahina and Luna have a cute office lady. Nanako Asahina, her boss, gets angry when the documents made by Luna are appropriate. Nanako Asahina, who was excited about her short skirt while preaching, tells Luna. Nanako Asahina who teaches lesbian play little by little. Luna begins to enjoy the new frontier little by little for the first time like this. At that time, the director came in! But the director seems to tolerate it? When I was asked to provide a place where I could relax more and enjoyed lesbian play with a double-headed dildo, the director rushed in! 3P starts to compete for the directors dick. Make a vaginal cum shot for each, kiss and promise a future relationship.OL姿がキュートな朝比奈菜々子・ルナ。ルナの作った書類が適当だったと、上司・朝比奈菜々子に怒られる。説教しながらも短いスカートに興奮してしまった朝比奈菜々子は、ルナに言いよる。少しずつレズプレイの手ほどきをする朝比奈菜々子。こんなの初めてと少しずつ新境地を楽しみ始めるルナ。そんな時に部長が入ってきてしまった!でも部長はどうやら容認している様?もっとゆっくり出来る場所を提供してもらい、双頭ディルドでレズプレイを楽しんでいると、部長が乱入!部長のチンコを取り合うように3Pが始まる。それぞれに中出しをして、キスをしてこれからの関係を約束する。

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